projectMUSE is an innovative, full-length, cross- discplinary dance-theatre solo that explores the archetypal Muse and the abstract concept of inspiration.


 In development since early 2017, projectMUSE has shapeshifted throughout several photographic and film research series, a first excerpt performance at The Opera House Wellington and an intensive development period thanks to Creative New Zealand, Boosted NZ and an Arts Residency at Wellesley Studios Auckland.

projectMUSE will present its debut season in November 2019 in partnership with Q Theatre Auckland.

NOTE: Gallery images contain nudity

What if 'The Muse' is in fact one lone deity, whose role it is to serve all who are in need of inspiration?

What does she do when no-one requires her services?

Where does she wait?

Does she have a voice?

Is she smart?


Does she consent to this Muse role?

Produced, choreographed and performed by Hannah Tasker-Poland, projectMUSE  is a culmination of her years experience constantly being in some form of muse role for other artists and how this role can be acknowledged, utilized, abused or projected. How can the artist/muse relationship be pulled apart and re-imagined? 

With a team of highly regarded collaborators, projectMUSE incorporates contemporary dance, theatre, performance art, original score, large scale costume and set design, exquisite lighting and AV design and the unique use of SPFX body paint and prosthetics. United through filmic scenes and vignettes created through projection, light and paint, it delves into the process of creation, inspiration and the obsession with capturing beauty. The world is decadently visceral and mesmerizing. 

projectMUSE aims to forge new territory with the cross-pollination of dance and SPFX, offering a theatre experience that is visually stunning, provocative, immersive

Shifting through beauty, vulgarity, power and vulnerability, projectMUSE is an explicitly unapologetic challenging of the way we perceive womxn in art and those we place up on a pedestal. It questions the adoration and sexualization  of womxns bodies and the "divine feminine", offered forward by a strong female performer in absolute ownership of her body, showcasing strong female storytelling and performance to confront, humor, awe and empower.

2019 sees us undertaking our final design development period in the lead up to the debut season in November as part of Q Theatres Matchbox programme.


projectMUSE Development - Studio showing.

Wellesley Studios Auckland Arts Residency

April 2018

Video Jeremy Brick

projectMUSE Development - AV & Body paint filming, behind-the-scenes.

Wellesley Studios Auckland Arts Residency

April 2018

Video Jeremy Brick

projectMUSE at The Menagerie Deluxe

Debut excerpt at The Opera House, Wellington NZ.

September 2017

Video Jeremy Brick

projectMUSE - a preview

Initial research & development

January 2017

Video Matt Gillanders

projectMUSE - 'Archetype'

Initial research & development

June 2017

Video Donny Duncan & Karl Lear

projectMUSE on Boosted NZ

Our successful Boosted campaign which allowed us to fund our first intensive development period.

February 2018

Video Jeremy Brick

projectMUSE - Illusions of Grandeur

Initial research and development period.

October 2017.

Video Jeremy Brick

the projectmuse team

Hannah Tasker-Poland


Producer | Choreographer | Performer

Emmanuel Reynaud


Co-Producer | Production Manager | Rehearsal Director

Brynne Tasker-Poland


Technical Manager | Stage Manager

Jo Kilgour


Lighting Design

Owen McCarthy


AV & Set Design

Emi Pogoni



Yolanda Bartram


SPFX Body Paint Artist

Andrea Hows


SPFX Body Paint Artist

Yolande Kjestrup


Costume Design

Michael Hurst



Jocelyn Janon



Jeremy Brick